Monday, January 15, 2007

C-Grade Films and Social Messages: 2

The trend of C-grade films using their movie posters to publicize messages of social relevance is gathering strength. A few days back I had mentioned noticing a poster that sought to highlight the problems faced by the aam-junta during the numerous water cuts that Mumbai faces time and again. Another movie (and its poster) has now accepted the responsibility of raising its voice against the water cuts.

The movie: Pyaasi Patni (Translation: Thirsty wife).

I reckon it is a family movie promoting traditional values where the dutiful, sacrificing wife goes thirsty so that her husband (and possibly, kids, and in-laws) can have her share of the life sustaining liquid.

I had said it earlier, I will say it again: More power to such films. May their tribe increase.

(C-Grade Films and Social Messages: 1)

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