Tuesday, January 9, 2007

C-Grade Films and Social Messages

The Censor Board of Film Certification, India can now breathe easy when it comes to C-grade films. Many of these X-rated films, off-late, have woken up to their social responsibilities. No longer do these movies advertise sleaze but use the movie posters to pass on messages of social relevance.

For example a movie poster for the movie Saaniya makes a strong plea for organ donation and post death body donation programs. Its tagline:
Body Never Goes Waste

And today morning I noticed a poster that sought to highlight the problems faced by the aam-junta during the numerous water cuts that Mumbai faces time and again.

The tagline: Meri Pyaas Bujhao (Translation — Quench my thirst)
The Movie: Mei Pyaasi hoon (Translation — I am thirsty)

More power to such films. May their tribe increase.

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