Saturday, July 1, 2006

How Harry Potter Might die, but the Potter Series Will Continue

Yesterday some of us got together at a friend's place for an evening of doing nothing. Three of us were at the said venue on time only to come to know that the rest of the gang would be late --- they being conscientious contributors to India's GDP.

No sweat. Some snacks were duly brought out, a few drinks distributed and we got down to the serious business of the evening -- talking. And with three Potter fans getting together the discussion quickly veered to the important and sensational (to Potter fans) news reports of a few days earlier: Will J. K. Rowling bump off Harry Potter in book 7? Who are the two important characters that she has promised will pay with their lives? If not Harry, then who? Why Harry has to die? Why Harry doesn't have to die? And in the event of Harry's death what will happen if a few years later Rowling feels the need for some extra small change and has to resurrect the series?

Opinions flew thick and fast.
"Yeah, but she said that she understood why some writers killed off their creations."
"It's only a red herring. She does that often."
"Well, then if not Harry, then who?"
"Voldemort is a sure."
"I think she meant apart from Voldemort, there will be two more deaths."
"She never said that."
"But that's what she meant."
"Who else will die?"
"Snape. He will sacrifice himself."
"Harry. She said . . ."
"Hagrid and Lupin."
"Don't be absurd. And she's hardly that important."
"Well Harry then. She did say that she wanted to leave no possibility of . . ."
"That's bull. Am sure she'll leave herself a back door that she can use to restart the series after a few years."
"Ginny. Ginny is a strong possibility. . ."

More along the same lines till, "Hang on guys. I have an idea." That was Ang.
"See our basic problem is we don't think Rowling will find it easy to give up writing Potter books, right?"
"Yet she might bump off Harry, because right now it looks like she wants to, right?"
"So it all boils down to how Rowling can bump off Harry to satisfy herself and yet leave open the possibility of a sequel, right? "

"Here's how she can achieve both her ends. . ."

Over the next few minutes, Ang proceeded to outline her idea. When she stopped Ro and I looked at each other.
"It's good, yup."
"Simple and beautiful."

The three of us then got down to polishing Ang's idea into a finished product. This is what we think will happen in Book 7:
Times are bad in the wizarding world as well as for the muggles. Members of the Order of Phoenix and aurors of the Ministry of Magic are out fighting the death eaters on the streets. Muggles are dying. The wizarding community is scared.
Meanwhile Harry along with Ron and Hermione sets out to find and destroy the other horcruxes of Voldemort. They find all the horcruxes but one. And though they search long and hard the three still don't locate the last horcrux. Throughout his "quest," Harry is worried about Ginny. He knows that Voldemort would have by now come to know that the two are more than just friends. The death of Lupin adds to his glum outlook. The three finally give up and return to Hogwarts. Harry is reunited with Ginny.
The danger is still growing. Fearing that Harry or possibly Ginny might be attacked in school, McGonagall and the other members of the Order of the Phoenix convince Harry to go underground. Harry and Ginny can't bear to be separated and so Ginny also accompanies Harry into hiding. Ron agrees to be their secret keeper and Hermione performs the complex Fidelius charm.
Much is well (for Harry and Ginny) after this. They are sequestered away from Voldemort and so well hidden that he can't find them. They also know that this peace in their lives is temporary and precious and make the most of it.
Voldemort, angry at being unable to find Harry or Ginny, guesses correctly that they have been hidden by using the Fidelius charm. His agents soon get him the name of the secret keeper. Ron is captured. Voldemort threatens to throw Ron in a pit full of spiders and that is enough leverage. Ron reveals Harry's and Ginny's hiding place.
Voldemort reaches it, blasts the door with a spell and comes face to face with Ginny. This time he doesn't spend time talking and unleashes the death curse on Ginny. Harry who is the next room comes running in and jumps in front of Ginny, meanwhile unleashing a curse of his own. Harry's curse kills Voldemort.
Harry is killed by the curse that Voldemort had unleashed on Ginny. In the process, he not only saves Ginny but also their unborn son ("Hang on, they are only kids. . .one's 17 and Ginny's 16." "So?" "But they are too young to have . . ." "Don't be squeamish. Anyways, don't wizards and witches come of age when they are 16?" "Do they?" "Doesn't matter. There are enough teenage pregnancies happening in the world, now its happening in the wizarding world too." "Gross." "Maybe Rowling can explain it away as artistic license." "Whatever."), but his sacrifice also leaves its indelible mark on the yet unborn child. This is ancient (and hence, inexplicable) magic at work.
With Voldemort's death the wizarding world can breath easy. A number of death eaters are captured or killed. The others are believed to have fled to the United States and lost themselves in that muggle dominated society. Members of the Order of the Phoenix and Harry's surviving friends start rebuilding their lives. Ron is forgiven, but he is so filled with remorse that he takes up the position of Assistant Gamekeeper at Hogwarts. Hermione, joins Hogwarts as a teacher, to be as near Ron as possible. A sad (and pregnant) Ginny returns to the Weasley household.
At the end of book 7, Harry Potter Jr. is born and, like his illustrious father, on his forehead is a lightning-shaped scar.

Now fast forward to the time when Rowling (or someone else) decides to renew the Potter series. Well, now it's easy.

Remember Voldemort is vanquished, but one of the horcruxes was never found. There are rumors that the dark forces are gaining in strength preparing for the coming of the dark lord. Other rumors contend that the dark lord has already back and that this time he is looking for world domination. The fight is assuming truly global proportions. A major fight between the still active members of the Order of the Phoenix and the Voldemort's death eaters in the city of Mumbai on July 26, was masked as a cloudburst by the Ministry of Magic. Thankfully there were very few muggle deaths. But the fight in New Orleans spiraled so much out of control that it had to be masked as a hurricane and a bad case of disaster management by the muggles (There are whispers that the horrific events of 9-11 in the muggle dominated United States were actually death eaters announcing their presence). In certain areas of the world skirmishes between the Phoenix members and the death eaters now are so frequent and so brutal that it is difficult to make out who are the good guys and who are evil. Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine are notable examples of the rising turmoil in the wizarding world. Harry potter Jr. is now 11 and ready to begin his training in Hogwarts.Times, indeed, are dark. The world is in need of a savior.
Book 8 of the Potter series begins with these lines, "He was born with a gift . . . he was special . . . like his father."


Anonymous said...

Hey Mandy,

Too good. Angie you shud claim copyright, you can then sue Rowling when she uses this plot for her book.

angela said...

Mandy, pure genius. We should get together for more faffy evenings—a worthy sacrifice for the benefit of literary art.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rozz and Ang. First, we need to protect this idea with copyright. Next, let's get together for a couple of drinks (at Fine Dine obviously) and flesh out this idea. :)

Dhanuska said...


Me, one of the "conscientious contributors to India's GDP" am more than happy now that we were late, and saved this "phlewww" discussion on Harry Potter. That said, I'm impressed you remembered all the conversation to each word in the dialogues.

All u guys are going to hate me for this but sorry, I had to.


Manish Bhatt said...

Ha ha, brilliant.

Have you been watching Krrish?

Anonymous said...

If this is supposed to be funny, then yes it was damn funny. But if this is something seriously meant, it is ridiculous. Ron giving up his friend over spiders ( I know he is scared of Spiders), but Rowling did do a great job in portraying Ron as A Friend of the best kind for Harry. Well, your narration was a downturn after that point, it just got more ridiculous.

Swapna said...

:)... That was really funny...

I don't think that Rowling wants to write any more Harry Potter after the 7th book.

Nice post!

Anonymous said...

Well..I have a feeling that one of the horcruxes is Harry himself, remember Voldemort transferred some of his traits to Harry during the first attack. We will just have to wait and see. When is the book being released,

Shruthi said...

I second Rozz!
This was a fun read! :D

Tanushree said...

About who will die, I can tell you that Snape is one of them. He is doomed to die, whether he turnes out to be a good guy or a bad guy (I firmly believe that he will redeem himself, but that is another discussion).

I don't think that Rowling will actually kill Harry, coz she is still targetting the series at children, though we adults like to read it. Killing Harry would be depressing and demoralising to kids, though Sholay fans like me could appreciated it.

So the second person to die would likely be (in decreasing order of probability as I see it):
-> One of the Weasleys (probably Arthur or Charlie)
-> Remus
-> Hagrid
-> Peter
-> Draco

Anonymous said...

ROFL!! It was a nice read. I dont think you were serious about this???
Anything is possible in JK's world - she can make it possible ;).. But this is downright impossible to me.
I give credit to you to come up with such a "good story". It was good reading, if you dont concentrate on it being possible.

Anyway, I would just like to add a few points.
1. Voldemort wont "die" unless all of his 6 horcruxes are destroyed. So your story had a BIG flaw, even neglecting Ron's unfaithfulness.
2. I have read JK's interview. I havent analysed it yet(My exams are going on right now :( ). I will do it sometime after my exams. Anyway, I would make one point clear about the interview. Its not that "just" 2 people are going to die in the last. "2 people whom JK hadnt thought of killing, are dying" - most of them are getting confused with this. More than 2 people are going to die as Voldemort isnt in the 2 mentioned in the interview. Who are they?? Let me think. One thing is for sure, the "changes" she has done "now" are going to be against what the "general" opinion was till now.

Dinesh Babuji said...

Excellent!! HIlarious. Good wrk muggles. You are well into the wizarding world.

Anonymous said...

My God! you guys really have some great creative instinct. Man, you can give Rowling a run for her money. And the last bit is an 'inspired' line from 'Krishh'.

Anonymous said...

OMG! You people are crazy! Even if that did happen, it would totally ruin the whole book And would lose many fans. Where do you people come up with these ideas. And that is coming from me, one of the biggest HP fans.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Voldemort will die? He might become part of Harry-Harry's scar is practically a Horcrux anyway.
Also . . . well, it might still be Neville that saves the day. I'd kinda like that, actually.

Anonymous said...

This quite posbile. but the thing about harry and Ginny is wrong. I think Harry will survie the book and die in the next one if there is one.