Monday, July 25, 2005

Sena Vs. (Ex-)Sena

What does he, sitting inside the four walls of the home and hiding behind women’s pallus, know of the Shiv Sena? He can’t teach us how to agitate. Why can’t he remove Milind Narvekar?

Because he knows all his deals. He knows too much. Don’t you dare throw stones at us — we will throw them back at you. If our meetings are disrupted, not a single Sena leader will be allowed to move freely.
—Narayan Rane on Uddhav Thackeray

Those impotents who derive their strength from the Italian Congress and who move around in police protection should not dare the mards in the Sena. He spent 39 years in the Sena and still doesn’t know about them? Our Sainiks will now show him who is the real mard. If he has the guts, he must come out in the open without police protection and see what happens.
—Uddhav Thackeray on Narayan Rane
Mid-Day reports that the Sena's war with Rane has just got dirty.

A number of us simple souls had hoped these two warring gangs wouldn't disappoint us folks looking for some good, unadulterated entertainment. In the second chapter (or second reel for those who are cinematically inclined) the Ex-Shiv Sena leader and the Shiv Sena raised important questions and doubts about each others' masculinity. Hopefully yesterday's skirmish was only the firing of sighting shots — a declaration of intent — a preview of the blockbuster that is to follow.

We'll reiterate what we had said earlier. Fun will become.

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Sharmini said...

Politicians are 24*7 Reality show fun!