Sunday, July 24, 2005

Aliens Love Blogs Too

For some decades now humans have been transmitting signals powerful enough to go beyond the earth's atmosphere and potentially reach intelligent alien life forms in other solar systems and galaxies.

Now Blog In Space allows bloggers to transmit their blog feeds into deep space for any interested aliens. While Blog in Space will transmit your blog feed without any censoring or editing, it clarifies:
While Blog In Space supports Intergalactic Free Speech, Bloggers who use this site are urged to keep their blogs devoid of any overt language, comments or content designed to offend, taunt or provoke alien life forms in any way. Aliens may find your lifestyle, grammar or the picture of your girlfriend offensive, we just don't know. Blog In Space does not warrant that any content transmitted into space will not be objectionable to alien life forms and will not be responsible for alien abductions, close encounters or intergalactic war.
Don't deprive the aliens the chance of reading your blog. Sign up with Blog In Space today.

Update: Desipundit asked us to spread the love over the weekend: " Talk at least one of your non-blogger friends into reading blogs."

Why restrict to friends? And why restrict to humanity? Those little green aliens from Mars — hmm. . . maybe not Mars - (trust NASA to take the fun out of such things) — those little aliens form the majestic Sombrero Galaxy would like to read your blog too. Ergo, sign up with Blog In Space today.

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