Monday, July 25, 2005

Yes! Keep Screwing. I'll Tell you When to Stop!

That's Sagnik Nandy pretending to be discreet for once.


Sagnik Nandy said...

:) so did i suceed in my efforts?

Antonio Saccoccio said...

Hello Mandala.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I'm sorry, but I dont speak english very well.
at soon

Vikram A. said...

Hi Mandar,

I hope everything is okay with you after last week's rains.


Ravikiran said...

I hope you are okay. I hear that things are pretty bad Kalyan-side.

mandar talvekar said...

Hi Vikram and Ravikiran,
I am fine. Landlines in my area only became operational only today evening since last Tuesday and that's when I got online. Thanks for asking. I am touched. Hope you two didn't have too many misadventures over the past week.