Monday, July 11, 2005

Rane Ready for Rada With the Shiv Sena

What happens when one band of thugs battles another band of thugs? You get a Sena Vs. Sena situation.

Narayan Rane who was sacked by Bal Thackeray a week ago is prepared for a Rada (Bambaiya for a gang war) with the Shiv Sena, Mid-Day reports.

Afraid that Shiv Sainiks will turn violent and attack his residence opposite Mantralaya, Narayan Rane has brought in an army of supporters, from his bastion, Sindhudurg district, to guard him. Rane’s supporters are pouring in to the city in 20 buses and 150 Tata Sumos today. Scores more are expected to arrive by train and in state transport buses.

Meanwhile the Sena too is preparing for war. All its 221 shakhas have been ordered to provide as many people as possible for the "war" at Vidhan Bhavan.

In case you are wondering, no, you are not reading about two gangs of criminals battling each other (although it's very easy to mistake them for criminal lowlife -- which is what most of them are.) It is a war between a political party and one of its sacked (and obviously disgruntled) leaders.

Hopefully the two gangs will annihilate each other. Anyways, the encounter promises to be interesting and I hope either of the gangs don't disappoint us folks looking for some simple, unadulterated entertainment. Here's wishing the best to both the participating parties in the Rada.

Fun will become.

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