Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Flood in Badlapur -- Pictures of Terrible Tuesday, July 26

The intensity and impact of the cloudburst of July 26 and its aftermath in the areas of Kalyan, Ulhasnagar, Ambernath, and Badlapur was as bad (many would claim it to be far worse) as it was in Mumbai.

Badlapur was the worst affected in this belt. Water levels reached upto the second story in many areas. Quite a number of people and animals lost their lives. Many escaped with their lives, but lost everything else. These are pictures of Badlapur during the flood (It took me much asking around and following up with people before I managed to acquire these. Many thanks to Girish Chandwadkar who finally found the pictures for me.) taken by Abhijit Pradhan. The pictures were taken using a camera phone. Hence the resolution is not sharp and the pictures are not of a high quality. But they still can give you a very good idea about what Badlapur experienced on that terrible Tuesday.

Click here for pictures of the flood in Dombivli.
Click here for the Kalyan flood in pictures.
You will find my account of the flood in the Kalyan-Ambernath area here: Water, Water Everywhere - A View From the Kalyan-Ambernath Area: Tuesday, July 26 - Wednesday, August 03, 2005.
Posts about the impact of the cloudburst on Mumbai's transport system: here, here, and here.


UDAY PUJAR said...

Thanks for this effort. I was able to inf my cousins at U.S about this. I am stayng at Gr. floor flat at Badlapur(w)& our house was submerged for more than 30 hrs & hv. lost evrything. But kudos to our neighbours, friends, local people, we were able to restore things & now we hv. normalised our routines. Compare this to what happened in New-Orleans. Chaos, anarchy, looting & what not. U.S.considered most developed country, was not able to cope with this. Thanks God - here such a case did not arise. Our peoples & thier tradition is highly cultered. LONG LIVE INDIAN CULTURE & TRADITION.
One thing I need to inform u all that the flooding at Badlapur happened due to State Govt nigligence. The storage cum filteration plant collapsed on 26/7. This was build by the British govt in 1929 & since then govt didn't give any importance to maintain it. All of us had to bear the brunt of the State govt mistake.
regards/ UDAY PUJAR

A SINGH said...

I fully agree with Uday, Indian culture is still OK when it comes to help others in distress. Uday can u pls. adv. if the state govt. have repaired the dam( British era) collapsed in 2005. If still there is a chance of a similar situation in future in Badlapur west . If the state govt. have taken concrete steps to rectify the problem in permanent manner.

Lawrance Fernandes said...

this time we can see if the new government can do the repairs and we don't get catch up in the same situation.

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