Monday, August 15, 2005

Good News India

We all could do with some good news.

The primary aim of Good News India is to persuade us all that there is more to India than the numerous depressing stories that make headlines virtually everyday. It tries to tell us that there enough people doing the right things to keep this nation going.

Good News India tries to disseminate stories that will "inspire hope in the future of India, a confidence in her abilities and an appreciation of her as a sensitive civilization."

To achieve this end it show-cases the efforts of little known men, women, and institutions that have helped India become a better place.

And before the cynics voice their doubts, Good News India publishes "only those stories that are well-researched and are without hype or jingoism."

Here are a few:
Dreams come true in Ratnagiri, tells of an unlikely team of clerks in government offices in Mumbai who are reaching out to rural school children in Ratnagiri district. These babus are helping the children and their schools with materials and supplies that will ensure that these children complete their education.

The Ganga in the sky, is a story of how residents and establishments in Tamil Nadu have taken to rain water harvesting and water recycling to alleviate shortages.

After micro credit, it's micro capital now, is about Aavishkaar an effort by some of India's overseas professionals to bring venture capitalism to socially, environmentally relevant small businesses.

Forest Maker, is the story of Abdul Kareem who over 25 years transformed 32 acres of a rocky hill into a living forest.

Most of the stories are not that well written. But they are true and their simple idealism cannot fail to touch one's heart. . .maybe even inspire an effort that might one day feature on the Good News India site.
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