Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Taming of Indian Street Food

From The New York Times:
[. . .] as incomes rise and ways of eating change, the inevitable has happened. Street food, that emblem of raucous, messy, urban India, is slowly being tamed.

In recent years, it has begun to come indoors, get sterilized, and go upmarket.
[. . .]
So we have fast-food chains where cooks use gloves, food is served in disposable plastic cups and plates, pani puri (a.k.a gol gappa, or phoochka) is prepared with mineral water, five star hotels serve chaat with a bottle of champagne, and pani puri spiked with vodka is favorite cocktail snack.

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Shantanu said...

they are horrendously talking about clamping down on delhi street food - claiming it is unhygenic :-(. don't think it'll go through.