Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Job Designations

What happens when some instructional designers (IDs) and editors get together over some coffee in the middle of a hard, hectic day (on crazy projects the middle of the day is 7.00 PM) of reviewing storyboards, correcting punctuation, and fixing bugs:

[Of course for obvious reasons, names have been eliminated in this conversation all together.]

ID-A: Accha listen, ID-B and I are distributing important designations and portfolios.

Chief ID: Chief Idler for me please. And with a job description to match.

ID-A: ID-B wants Senior Fullstop-Putter.

Chief ID: I heard about that.

ID-A: And ID-C has expressed interest in being Deputy Hyphenation Manager. By the way, I have a job offer going for Head—Apostrophier. Care for it?

Chief ID: No, for a change I want a simple title. How about Commander? A Commander can do what he wants.

ID-A: Sounds good. So, does this person add more commas or delete existing ones? By the way, am also looking for Colon—izer and Semi-Colon—izer, if you have any suggestions

Chief ID: Colon—izer is a good title for Editor-1 (said Editor-1 is from the USA), except that it sounds a bit incorrect, politically.

ID-A: And since Editor-2 is half-Indian, she would be apt for Semi-Colon—izer. wot say?

Chief ID: Yup.

Wot to do? We are like this only.


rohini said...

Hmmmph! :@

I'm not gonna explain why I'm angwy..u already know.

Saee said...

ROFL...that really is the story of our lives, Mandy!

Nandita said...

Rubbish Cow you are!! Having time to go to stupid meetings and blog about them but no time to chat with me... :P
Me no talking to you now!