Tuesday, December 5, 2006

TATA Interactive Learning Disability Forum (TLDF) 2006

Learning Disability is a condition that causes a severe difficulty, for people afflicted with it, in learning basic skills like reading, writing, and math. Such people acquire information at a rate lower than what is considered normal for other people at their age. These people, as a result, may also have some difficulty in speaking and listening. The disorder lasts the person's lifetime. There's no cure and remedial action for LD children is the only way to help them workaround their difficulties.

I, recently, was a part of an interesting two day symposium on Learning Disabilities (LD) organized by Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), under the aegis of the TATA Interactive Learning Disability Forum (TLDF). The TLDF hoped to increase awareness and promote remedial activities, best practices, and knowledge sharing of LD in India. TIS also hoped that the TLDF would encourage networking and sharing of ideas and innovations, eventually helping address critical LD issues.

The TLDF featured talks and panel discussions on several important areas of LD — biology, psychosocial and educational interventions, government policies — by experts from various fields. A couple of short films were screened and some excellent e-learning products for LD children were also demonstrated to the attendees. The TLDF was quite a success and TIS has already committed itself to making the TLDF an annual feature.

I have posted a more comprehensive report on the conference, along with some snippets on the various sessions on the TIS corporate blog. Do visit and read.

TIS will also be making available all presentations made by the speakers and the videos of each session for download. I'll be posting an update as soon as the presentations and videos go online.

Disclosure: I work for Tata Interactive Systems.

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