Sunday, December 17, 2006

Moving to Blogger Beta

This blog has now been moved to the Blogger beta platform. As far as I could test it, everything with the blog is fine. I understand that the Blogger beta platform is still not completely stable. Do let me know if you find anything amiss.

Overall, Blogger beta allows an easier customization and better control of the page layout and other elements. People who are unfamiliar with HTML or CSS will love this new platform. And it publishes and updates quite quickly.

I had decided to move this blog to Blogger beta the minute I came to know that it allowed Labels. I do wish though that the platform allowed the blogger to decide the number of labels to be displayed in the sidebar. As of now all the labels are displayed and one can be in a situation where the large number of labels makes it impractical to display them in the sidebar. This will be a problem for generic blogs that have been around for sometime. I have labeled around 25 posts and I am already wondering if the sidebar is displaying too many labels to be user-friendly. Hopefully Google will fix this soon.

The move to Blogger beta is by no means complete. I still have to label the earlier posts and tweak a few other things. This should take a few more days and I hope to recommence my (sporadic) posting at the end of it.

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