Monday, March 13, 2006

Why am I not Posting?

For all those of you who are wondering (there are a few, the fingers of a single hand should suffice to count them) why I haven't been posting all this while. . . well, the situation is likely to persist for some more time to come. Nope, it's not like I have run out of things to write about. My visit (not the aborted attempt but the actual one) to the USA months back is worth at least half a dozen posts (or one or two jumbo ones). Then there are those rushed but lovely trips to Ashtavinayak and Solapur - Tuljapur - Kolhapur - Panhala that I managed to sneak off to. Then there are a few book reviews on some excellent books that I read in the past few months. And there's a planned post on how ladies go about buying their shoes (My sis-in-law handed me an unasked for 55 minutes lesson on selecting kolhapuri footwear).

And numerous sundry interesting web links that I have come across.

There's a lot of stuff waiting to be told.

Unfortunately, life has gone back to (and persisted in) resembling this. And this.

So people, please to excuse. Hopefully regular (or maybe sporadic) blogging service will be restored at the earliest.

Meanwhile, why not explore the archives a bit?

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