Tuesday, December 6, 2005

One More for Your Blogrolls

If you like books, especially children's books hop over to this new blog: Anita and Amit Vachharajani : Writing and Illustrating Children's Books.

Apart from contributing regularly to various magazines and newspapers, Anita also writes and translates stories and books for children. Amit illustrates children's books. The couple is crazy about children's books and on this blog you'll find a number of delightful examples of the kind work they have been doing.

The blog, hardly about two weeks old at the moment, already has a number of interesting posts. You'll find a lovely piece by Anita on picture books from the Soviet Union. There are some adorable pen and ink illustrations from a 1939 Gujarati translation of Pinocchio and a few illustrations from some Soviet books. A there's also a short post on how the couple has cracked the fine art of baby-and-work management.

Interesting Blog. I suggest all bibliophiles bookmark this blog. Bloggers, this one should definitely find a place on your blogroll.

Done that? Finished reading the entire blog? Patience, my friends. I am sure Anita and Amit will oblige us with another post soon.

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