Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Kill Bill's Browser

I can't precisely recollect when I stopped using Microsoft's Internet Explorer and switched over to Mozilla's Firefox. A techie friend, noticing my frustration with the adware and spyware that IE brought, asked me to switch to a "real browser." He introduced me to Firefox. If I remember right, I started using Firefox when it was a version 0.3. Since then I haven't used any other browser. Today I run version 1.0.7 of Firefox.

Firefox is very simple to use and packed with features that Microsoft has not even given a thought to. Add to that the numerous extensions that you can download to customize your browser, Firefox is definitely helping make Internet browsing a pleasure. Now if I ever open Internet Explorer (You have to sometimes for those few idiotic sites that function only in IE), I find it a pain to use.

I am a Firefox fanatic. I have converted most of friends and some of my colleagues to Firefox. None of them have gone back to IE. My blog has a Firefox button.

If you haven't switched to Firefox yet, do so now. If what I wrote earlier hasn't convinced you yet to consign IE to the recycle bin, you should hop over to Kill Bill's Browser.

The site makes no bones about what it thinks of Internet Explorer's poor (almost non-existent) spyware and adware blocking capabilities and it's numerous security flaws. It in fact lists13 good reasons (with explanations) that will leave you in no doubt: Bill's Browser has to die.

Methinks the first three are good enough:
  1. You'll only see porn when you want to.
  2. Your kids will only see porn when they want to.
  3. Your computer won't spend its free time telling the world about Viagra soft tabs.
Why don't you visit Kill Bill's Browser? And if you feel like downloading Firefox, you can always come back and click here.

(Via:Vijay Krishna's vkpedia)

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