Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Great Social Bookmarking Survey

The Great Social Bookmarking Survey is an attempt to find out the key features that users of Social Bookmarking services (del.icio.us, blinklist, furl, yahoo myweb 2.0) are looking for and consider to be the most important and desired features in a bookmark manager

Social Bookmarking is one of the prime features of the interactive Web2.0, along with other platforms and tools such as blogs, and wikis. While Social Bookmarking is popular, there's a feeling that it has not really caught the fancy of non-geeks. The survey hopes to figure out what is holding Social Bookmarking from realizing its true potential and going main stream.

Take the Great Social Bookmarking Survey and do your wee bit to help shape "The Next Big Thing" of the Web.

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solzaire said...

Tagging is, as yet, transient. It is unclear if it will really be the next big thing. But yes, it is certainly a driver of cool things today.