Thursday, June 2, 2005

What if I Can't Write Well. . .

images by Girish Chandwadkar Posted by Hello
. . . I can atleast post some decent paintings and photographs. Girish has just extracted his pound of flesh for posting his Moonlight painting on my blog without asking his permission first (and I thought he was a friend).

Apart from weilding a mean paintbrush, Girish is an excellent photographer and I will be (regularly) posting some of his "works" here -- Well, actually, as often as I can convince him to handover some of his photographs. Girish loves trekking, especially in the monsoons and has some fabulous pictures of Rajmachi, Raigad and a few of the other Maratha mountain forts. He has also shot some decent snaps of Mahabaleshwar when we went there last October. Will start posting them all.

Maybe I can't write well, but now I can make my blog look attractive.

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