Sunday, June 12, 2005

Vaastu to the Rescue

This is how the BJP weathered its latest crisis:
Vaastu experts scanned the sprawling 11, Ashoka Road headquarters of the party and found the problem in its main hall where crucial meetings of the party as also its daily briefings are held, sources said.

They found that at all party meetings, particularly the controversial ones, the seating arrangements in the hall were such that senior leaders sat facing the south while office bearers sat facing the north which they felt was a "conflicting position".

Hence, at yesterday's crucial meeting of the BJP Parliamentary Board, office-bearers and Chief Ministers of BJP-ruled States called to discuss Advani's resignation, the senior leaders were made to sit facing the East while the office bearers were made to sit facing the North.
Maybe I should get a Vaastu expert to suggest the direction in which my workstation in office should face.

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SatishTalim said...

When I shifted into my new house a friend, who practices Vastushastra, did suggest to sit facing the East.