Sunday, June 12, 2005

Random, Whimsical Pictures: Manga

Today, though, many associate Manga with Japanese comics, its has its origins in 19th Century Japanese art. Today (as a style in comics) it is highly influential and popular in the west.

The Times of India makes a note of the Manga trend:
[In Manga] rather than finding a bridge between separate moments, the reader must assemble a single moment using scattered fragments. Dozens of images can be devoted to portraying slow cinematic movements. This phenomenon echoes a larger theme of oriental thought, that of wandering. Whilst in traditional Western art the emphasis is on reaching goals, the Eastern model encourages a cyclical and labyrinthian approach. Manga is an heir to such tradition, where being there is more important than getting there.
Almost everyone in Europe and America is engrossed in their Mangas. It is a new fashion standard and is consumed by the young and the trendy.

Manga is constantly reinventing itself. Graphic novels, currently a rage in the west, have inspired Manga producers to write more contemporary urban tales like autobiographical accounts, monographs etc.

Hopefully, one day, Manga will percolate down to India too.

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