Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Return of the Blogger

I am finally getting back to blogging after a month-long hiatus. My last post was about the Bombay Bloggers' Meet for the month of February, So I will pick it up from there. For reasons mentioned earlier I couldn't make it to the meet. From what I read about it here, here, and here -- I missed out on something really good. Quite a few bloggers turned up (Amit Varma, Yazad Jal, Gaurav Sabnis, Anand, Veer Chand Bothra, Sarika Chuni, and Rahul Bhatia) at Cafe Coffee Day at In Orbit, Malad. I met Amit and Yazad at the January meet and would have liked to meet them again. And I read Gaurav's blog avidly and would have liked to meet him and all the others. Just my luck.

I have got involved in a new e-learning project. While the project is extremely interesting -- it unfortunately has near impossible deadlines. We move into "Production" next week after some hectic and demanding training over the last month. Things are going to be a bit hot under the collar for the next few months - but hopefully I will be able to continue blogging.

I have stepped out of the office for a breather for the remainder of this week and I aim to use the time to catch up on the blogosphere. There's a lot that I missed in the last month -- both reading and posting and I hope to make amends over the next few days.

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