Wednesday, February 2, 2005

The Book Buyers Anonymous

I visited the Strand Book Fair last Sunday on my way back from the Bombay Bloggers' Meet. Got myself four more books. I plan to go again (this time with my office buddies) this weekend. I am sure I will pick up a few more books.

Sometime before that I had visited Crossword when it was having its annual discount sale. I was just accompanying a friend who had come down from Delhi - to show him the new Crossword store. So I picked up only two books.

Some days before that on my birthday. . . and last year at the Strand Book Fair . . .

Like the Hurree Babu and Amit Varma, I too have this malaise that ". . .has more in common with addiction than dry literary appreciation. . ." - I too have "joined the ranks of People Who Can't Help Buying Books."

Two years back, we shifted to a bigger apartment. My father got a carpenter to fit huge shelves in the loft space in my room. And he also asked the carpenter to make me some extra storage space in the two new settees. I now need another cupboard for my books.

My father (and also my mother, brother, and sister-in-law) have asked me to get a new apartment - not for me, for my books.

Is there a "Book Buyers Anonymous?"

Read Hurree Babu's Post: The 3 am blues on Kitabkhana. And don't miss Amit Varma's: Someone else has my disease.

As Amit puts it: "I am in mighty company."

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amit varma said...

Bloody hell, it's an epidemic! Btw, Mandar, been looking for a good carpenter for a while now. Is yours a value-for-money guy?

And don't ask what for?!