Thursday, January 20, 2005

The World According to a Blogger

An insightful article on blogging and blogging trends by Amit Varma in the Indian Express -- The world according to me -- in which he points out that because a blogger has the option to adopt a more personal tone than a journalist, blogging can transcend from being ‘‘an online personal journal’’ and evolve "into a powerful new form of journalism, that offers journalists the scope to do things that they cannot do in other media, and that draws discerning readers for just this reason."

He has, of course, also blogged it -- Blogs – The New Journalism -- on India Uncut, his blog.

Read the Indian Express version first (reads like a newspaper article) and then have a look at the blog version -- Amit Varma illustrates (through some smart hyperlinking) the ways in which blogs stand out from other journalistic media.

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