Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tweet Trove 3 (29 November-5 December, 2009)

Arts, Culture, Literature

Business and Economics
Do prostitutes want prostitution to be legal? Is a pimp no different than a corporate manager? More Q&A:

Education, e-Learning

e-book: Theory and Practice of Online Learning (caution: 484 pages; pdf):

Discursive Learning:Knowing "What is missing in educational curriculum is this sense of play, this sense of tinkering."

Elementary My Dear Watson:

If the Bible was magazines:

Internet, Science and Technology

TwHistory: Intriguing use of Twitter.

An alternate oral history of the last decade - If Al Gore had won:

The journey of a tweet -- How 'tweets' become worldwide news within a matter of minutes?

The Seattle Times is using Google Wave to catching a killer:


Rectangles Vs. Triangles: The Great Sandwich Debate :

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