Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Twitter Tweets on Ink Scrawl

I have been on Twitter for sometime now: You can follow me on Twitter at Ink Scrawl. It started as a curiosity I wanted to explore microblogging and check first hand how it works and if it can be used in my work as a part of any e-Learning/training solutions. Off late I think I have settled on how I could use Twitter: to post the links that I find of interest to me and occasionally to post an observation or a comment. I have now added a Twitter app of my account to this blog in the sidebar on the right. That way there will be something "fresh" for you to read when you visit the blog. I hope to be much more regular with my Twitter updates than I have been on my blog lately.

I also plan to filter the most interesting of my tweets (links) for a week and post it to this blog every weekend. That gives me a standardized post every week. Hopefully. :)

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