Monday, March 2, 2009

Follow me . . .

. . . on Twitter.

I got myself a Twitter account over the weekend. Wanted to try out micro-blogging — just for the heck of it and to explore its possible uses, especially in the work I do.

At the moment I am not much enamored by it. There's only so much you can update it before your "tweets" start getting mundane — I mean, how many updates would you put up letting people know that you are off for a meeting/currently having coffee or lunch/reading/watching a movie . . . before it gets all too narcissistic and (worse) pointless. And really, who would be interested in whatever you are doing in your life? Currently I don't see much use for it apart from being a sort of a delayed "IM" for the people "following" you on Twitter. I suppose the people you follow and interact with on Twitter will determine if it is worthwhile in the long run. It, of course, has its uses when you are posting about a live event (I tried that yesterday for a family function). But beyond that . . . well, lets give it a few weeks and see how it pans out.

Anybody of you out there who have found Twitter worthwhile?

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Dhanashree Phatak said...

i dont think this is worthwhile...why to share all the personal time to time details with somebody.......and if u r saying ppl reading this are one's followers(which wud b ppl who look up to u or care for u)such ppl shud be taking tits bits of u personally. and not thru such artificail website..........

mandar talvekar said...

While i suppose i was dismissive of twitter in general in my post, i think i can see how it could be worthwhile -- I think the worthiness would depend on what you put up on twitter and what the people you follow put up. If one is largely following experts within a particular domain -- for example from one's profession, or area of study -- twitter could be of good use. I guess following a few friends (esp. if they are the ones who are staying elsewhere or the ones you hardly meet) could also provide some welcome distraction.

I would still like to try twitter for a few days more before making a judgment on it.