Saturday, December 27, 2008

Is God in Everything?: Ink Scrawl Nugget 22

Papa says God is in everything and especially living things. If that's true then there must be an awful lot of God in snails and ants and leeches and spiders and locusts and crickets and moths. But I don't know how it works exactly. Does a cow have more God in it than an ant? Do a million ants have more God than a cow? And what about people—does a person have more God in him than one of Ilya's bears, even though a bear is so much bigger? Or does everything have the same amount? I think that's what makes the most sense, otherwise it's like trying to fit God into one of Mama's recipes. Two parts of God in a chicken, twenty in a person, fifty in a camel and one-thousandth in a skink. That's crazy.

But if it's all the same amount of God in everything then we shouldn't eat cows or pigs or chicken. Because then we're eating God! Or kill ants, which I don't, actually, but everybody else does. From the way people act, it's easy to see they don't think God is in everything, not really. Just in them. But that's so dumb it makes me want to cry. Just look at a beehive sometime, the way they all fuss to build their little rooms just so and dance to tell each other where the flowers are. Or watch two snakes mating, or a spider spinning its web. How can God not be in that? A person has to be blind to miss it.
—From The Flood by David Maine
An excerpt from David Maine's The Flood— The idea in it is nothing new and most of us think some variations of this in our lives. It takes a decent writer, however, to express an essentially simple notion with such lucidity.

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Destination Infinity said...

That is an interesting exploration of the concept of Adhwaita - Non Duality. This concept implies that God is in everything. Both living and non living things. Everyone is a form of God. Interesting concepts. At least they are closer to giving an answer to a lot of abstract questions than scientific concepts like "Theory of Evolution" which is hopeless!

Destination Infinity said...

I remember this part of The Flood. I’ve just finished read this book. It’s so interesting. Actually, this is my favorite part of the book. I love the idea of that god is in everything. Its different point of view. It really makes me wonder if god is in everything. That’s a good philosophy question. Every one can look at this question in deferent way, and that’s what makes it interesting. I recommend this book to all of you. You’ll enjoy it. I promise.