Friday, February 22, 2008

Multiple-Choice Question of the Day

Left would seek probe into the IPL auction because (Select all that apply):

  • (It is) outrageous gambling.
  • It will not only spoil the future of this game but make every youngster not a good sportsman but a man hungry for money.
  • Now when the advertisement world has determined the price tag for the individual cricketers in the auction, all the money will be made from the innocent sport-loving fans.
  • It has become a business for which money decides every thing.
  • P T Usha, Milkha Singh, Shiny Wilson, A Nachappa are the stories of the past. Is not the concern of the country as a whole?

Did you select all of the above?

You didn't. Don't you think that the whole episode was "unbelievable and shameful?" And it should be "thoroughly probed by a government agency. "

You don't? The Left does.

And in India the Left is always right.

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Ajeya said...

I think the commies need to get laid