Monday, November 5, 2007

God Annoyed With Salwar-Kameez

The deity at Kerala’s Sree Krishna Guruvayoor temple, astrologers claim, is annoyed with a change in dress code for women which now allows them to enter the temple wearing a salwar-kameez.
“See, these statements are being made based on what happened today [Sunday] when a ritual was taking place. When he [Sharma] asked for a piece of cloth to be brought, the cloth was cut into two pieces while he wanted an uncut cloth. Sharma made the comments after seeing this,” said Nambiar.

Since October 31, a team of nine people, including the temple priests, has been engaged in the rituals and prayers to find out whether the Gods are happy or not. The ritual is being held in Guruvayoor temple after 17 years.

“The rituals began on 31st and these priests give out their opinions as and when they go ahead with their rituals. These are all preliminary findings and when their entire rituals get over in another 10 days’ time, they would come out with a full fledged report on what are all the changes required to make the deity happy,” said Nambiar.
Immense curiosity happens: What happens if god changes his preferences daily? Micro-minis on Monday, bikinis the next day, and capris and frilly tops on another day, hot pants on the weekend? After all god is whimsical, no?

And why wait for 10 days for a report to change the dress code? God should send the priests and astrologers daily e-mail and SMS alerts about his preferences.

Don't you wonder what a wonderful job it will be to have: Chief Priest - Dress Code? The job satisfaction, undoubtedly, will be immense.

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