Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Robotic Authors? Don't we Have Enough Already?

White Smoke software announces a computer program that is said to turn "prosaic dunces into lyrical poets".

White Smoke claims that the new version of its "text enrichment" software uses artificial intelligence to not only check spelling and grammar but suggest alternative words and usage that will take your writing from "take your writing from simple to sophisticated". White Smoke claims that its software draws upon millions of examples of well-written English, then applies them to new contexts: from legal forms, to love letters, to creative writing.

Miles Johnson at Guardian's books blog wonders if in the future could not we potentially see a computer being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?

On a related note, I wonder if some books would be more readable after being put through White Smoke.

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Anonymous said...

Should anyone ponder buying this piece of software, a word of advice: don't! It is a horrible waste of money, there is no tech support to speak of, and you must drop your firewalls to enable it's "best" features. The name of the product obviously alludes to the substance that the company blows when lauding the product.