Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Meanwhile in my Hometown. . .

A visually challenged man has two wives and is planning to elope with his girlfriend. The two wives get together to cut girlfriend out of the picture. Drama unfolds at Ambarnath railway station.

Six days later . . .
Said visually challenged man pulls a bluff: He cons his two wives into getting his girlfriend out of a welfare center and elopes with her.

At first glance, this seems to be nothing more than another example of the kind of messy, tangled, and tragic webs we humans weave. But with a bit of imagination and a generous helping of artistic license, a good script writer should be able to fashion a story for a great masala movie on a love rectangle out of all this.

Ambarnath is happening. And how!

Sadly, not for me.

As my office friends helpfully remarked: Arre! But you spend more time in office in Andheri keeping India shining.

Immense feelings of loserliness overwhelm.

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Geetika said...

And nobody loves you, right?! ;)