Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blogging had Been Temporarily Suspended . . .

. . . For nearly three months. Some illness, a PC in sick bay, work that occupied too much of my limited mindspace, and a general feeling of loserliness ensured that blogging was afflicted. Well nothing much has actually changed. The tons of conference calls, meetings, storyboards, writing, reviewing, and "fire-fighting" at work continue. And after doing all that there's still so much more to do that on a Sunday evening I am already aching for the weekend to arrive the next day.

Well but . . . today I decided to dust the cobwebs from the blogger interface (and some from my mind) and see if I can get back to blogging. This post is a start. Blogging may still be infrequent for some days to come but I hope to build up some momentum and get back to regular blogging soon. If I can do a bit of my usual filter blogging and a longish post every week or two, it will be a good enough start. Normal blogging service will resume soon.

If any readers are still sticking around, please come back. And let the others know.

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