Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What After Harry Potter?

Barry Cunningham, who as an editor at Bloomsbury was the first to spot the potential of Harry Potter, is now tipping Tunnels, co-authored by Roderick Gordon and Brian William, as the next big thing. Tunnels, the first of the books, is a "fantasy tale about a boy archaeologist, who discovers a world of thrilling adventure after digging a hole."

Cunningham has already secured more than £500,000 in advances for the authors and is currently in Hollywood, in discussions to sell the film rights.

The book will be available from July 2, 2007 2008 onwards.

The complete report here. More on "the new Harry Potter" here.

Of course, Tunnels will have it tough if the Harry Potter series continues beyond the seventh book.

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Dr. Deb Baker said...

Sounds interesting..but someone needs to tell Mr. Cunningham about Lady Ellen's new books at