Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Reality TV Show for Aspiring Writers

Now would-be writers are to get the reality TV show treatment in an attempt to find a new Dan Brown or JK Rowling.

Aspiring authors will be invited to pitch their ideas for a blockbuster novel to a panel of judges headed by Tony Cowell, big brother of The X Factor's Simon Cowell. [. . .]

Winners will receive a six-figure advance and a deal with a major publisher in Britain and America. Contestants who survive the first round will be 'mentored' by a line-up of authors expected to include Jackie Collins and Jeffrey Archer. [. . .]

Viewers will see the mechanics of writing a book - how people come up with a crazy idea and make it work against all the odds. [. . .]
With so many reality TV shows, we should have expected something like the Bestseller happening. What to expect from the Bestseller?
Look out for some amazing typing action and keep your eyes peeled for that awesome slasher episode — the massacre of a thousand words.


Anonymous said...

The most interesting part may be revelations that will come out about Tony Cowell's history--bankruptcy and unpaid small claims court judgments for failing to provide promised services to writers.

pushpa said...

that would be interesting! something that we, as writers can identify with....isn't it?

Beachbaby said...

I think the idea to give new writers this chance should be welcomed regardless of who is behind it. Ity will of course get more publicity because of who is involved, but I think people should be careful about casting aspersions on people's characters because of financial problems. I've been bankrupt and have moved on, and i think it's unkind to judge people due to money problems- also pretty dangerous ground i'd think too.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to read some of the comments made about me on various blogs. Of course the ones that cast aspersions on my character always seem to remain anonymous, I wonder why. Just to put the record straight. I have never been made bankrupt. I went into what is called an IVA in 1999 as I could no longer pay my bills. I satified all of my creditors and the IVA was completed on 22nd Dec 2002. All of which is available on public record. Yes, we all have debt problems, my brother had them 10 years ago - although he also was never made bankrupt, though the press has stated he was. It has taken over 4 years to get my TV programme Bestseller on air - as I was determined to do under my own steam and without the help of family. I sincerely hope this show will go some way in helping new writers get published and to show viewers how the secretive world of publishing really works. I thank those of you who have made positive comments about me on this blog.
Tony Cowell

Anonymous said...

Prospect Pictures told me today they are no longer associated with this programme. Mr Cowell is not answering his emails.

marc frustrated writer said...

I rang Prosect to and they said they're no longer involved so I figured ITV was accepting applications so rang them but they said the show was not going ahead and not in pre-production and wasn't airing. Something to do with funding issues. I wish tony would confirm this as there are a few of us wanting to enter......is the show on/off? ITv say yes it is not proceeding and Prospect say yes it's off. Mr Cowell can you confirm whats going on please as I have a MS as you said we had to have ready