Friday, April 27, 2007

Am Off

I am off for a week with a friend. First going to Benares to check just how clean the Ganges is after the humanity and its uncle washes all its sins (and much else) in the river waters everyday. From Benares we take a bus to Gorakhpur to attend a wedding. From Gorakhpur we are hopping the border at Shinoli (I hope I have got the name right) and going across to say a hello to the king of Nepal and the Maoists. A couple of days in Kathmandu and another couple of days in Pokhara. And then back to the grind in Mumbai .

I plan to steer clear of any computers for the week. Hope my friend remembers to get his camera along so that I can post some pictures to the blog when am back.

Be good and explore the archives a bit.


Nandita said...

Whose wedding? anyone I know? :)

Shantanu said...

sounds damn good man. see if you can do the kath-pokhara bus ride on the roof top. awesome ride by the river.

Saee said...

Sounds so cool. Take loads of Ganges and Benaras pictures—the artsy book types. Of saadhus smoking pot and the likes.

Have fun!

rohini said...

Had completely forgotten you'd be gone...hope you're having a blast!