Friday, March 23, 2007

How we I Blog

From: gapingvoid.
I was browsing thorugh the Gapingvoid archives today and came across this old and excellent post on How to be Creative. And promptly blogged (ctrl + C & ctrl +v) it.
(But seriously and I am sure most of the bloggers must have experienced this at some point of time or the other -- Whenever I read something interesting or overhear an interesting conversation or for that matter anything else, the first thought that comes into my mind is "Hey! That's interesting." And the second thought almost always is, "Maybe that can be made into a blog post." It's reaching dangerous levels, that habit. Off late I have had a couple of my friends and colleagues telling me that they are wary about what they talk to me and constantly try not to say anything that they suspect will turn up on my blog the minute I get some time free.)


anita & amit said...

ohmigod, this is me! my hands - and amit's - itch to blog every time we find an old book. have to restrain ourselves! what's this new snap thing you have? it's very annoying! opens up above every link and doesnt let you read it! ur blog's great fun, though :D i see u're reading heaps of tomholt, i liked him for a bit too, but beyond a point found his wit toooooo gratuitous. he sorta doesnt know when to stop, na?

Sherri said...

I was like that for a (long) while, but it wore off. Now everything is thrust up against a set of criteria I didn't even know was building in my head -- 1) It's interesting, but HOW interesting is it? 2) Did I already read someone else blog about it? 3) Can I present it in a way that is fun to read when I go back later to read it? 4) Do I really have the energy to hit the appropriate buttons or should I just get something to drink? 5) Can I type it around the cat sitting on my keyboard?

Once upon a time one could purchase a t-shirt that announced..."I am so blogging that!"

Tara said...

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