Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Speed Reading Salman Rushdie

NDTV's Barkha Dutt interviews Salman Rushdie and manages to find out (for the great benefit of all of us) that Padmalakshmi when she first met the author, hadn't read any of his books.

Subsequently she read them all very quickly.

And that's the only question in the interview presently posted on the NDTV website about Salman Rushdie's writing.

Meanwhile Rediff quotes Salman Rushdie from the NDTV interview on why coming back to India was still special.
For me its always, you know its like drinking at the well. Every so often you have to come to the well to drink.
Update: Barkha Dutt via an email pointed out that the Rediff quote was from the NDTV interview. I have subsequently modified the post accordingly.
In my defense the mistake wasn't an oversight, but a misinterpretation. And I apologize for that. The Rediff interview mentions NDTV much earlier in the article where Salman Rushdie is talking about how Kashmiri Muslims (and I am paraphrasing here) have been at the receiving end of both the terrorists and the Indian Armed forces. The entire article, at the end, has a PTI copyright.
I did check the Rediff article against the interview presently on display on the NDTV website. The interview, at the moment, doesn't have the excerpt on India that I quoted from the Rediff article.

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