Saturday, October 7, 2006

Yet Another Birthday

Just muddled through yet another year. Last year, this day, I had put up a humongous navel-gazing post on officially becoming "old." It was a post that was many things at same time, depending on how you chose to read it. It was the kind of post that philosophized (very badly, I should warn you) about life and much else that should be done with the time that we have here on earth it even had a bit of Latin in it (carpe diem) to add that necessary bit of gravitas to what was entirely an exercise in self-indulgence. It was in some ways a "step-back- and- audit" kind of a post. It was in some other ways also a "planning-for -the-coming -year" kind of a post.

By now you must have realized that it was one very confused bit of writing. You can judge for yourself just how addled it was. Not only did it have some atrociously long-winded chunks of philosophizing, it also had long lists. Make that two long lists.

One list audited my past year (and life) like crazy. The other planned my year like an over-zealous bureaucrat. . . a 26-item to-do list. Phew! What was I thinking? Item 4 ambitiously stated: Blog more. More original posts. That this post is coming after a hiatus of more than a month should tell you how well I took the advice that I proffered myself. Of the 26 items on that to-do list, I can confidently say that I managed to achieve only items 19, 21, and 25. Number 25 incidentally states: Stop making such lists. I had thought that first item number on that list (Get absolutely, totally drunk) would be easy to achieve. A year later I haven't even remotely achieved that blissful state.

All that should make it abundantly clear, that not much has changed in my life or in me (no, that second bit is a lie. I definitely have put on a few more kilos) over the last year. Yeah, yeah I know I have been a lazy bum. That's one way of looking at it.

Well, for once I choose to look upon the brighter side of things. I don't have to make a new to-do list, the old one still holds good for another year (And if my last year's record is anything to go by, it'll last me comfortably for the next 5-7 years).

And there's so much to look forward to and do in the coming year. Wonder how many of the 23 remaining items on that list, I'll be able to strike off this time next year.

I will get cracking on that list tomorrow. Right now I feel a bit drained and need some rest. Must conserve my energy for the year to come.


Anonymous said...

Many happy returns. Keep us posted as you tick each item of that list.

Angela said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Still haven't achieved item #1? on your list???? Mandy, I'm ASHAMED of you.


Dhanuska said...

Hey Myandy,

I'm thinking while you tick each item off your list for the next 5-odd years, maybe you could draw up similar lists for each one of us, in turn.

Meanwhile, we'll work towards striking item #1 off your list. I agree with Ang. It's totally shameful not to have done that :)


Vids said...

You know what, mandar...forget that list, hit Chennai for a weekend. And take a breezer!! I promise it will nothing at all. just a chilled holiday.

solzaire said...

live long and prosper mate ;-)

Ajeya said...

hey mandar! sorry i'm late but happy birthday, for what it's worth now. :) nice post on the previous birthday. enjoyed reading it. hope all's well. stay in touch