Thursday, October 12, 2006

Our Nation's Most Creative Minds. . .

I am sorry I ever doubted the ability of our government babus. Never ever again will I commit such sacrilege. Such decisons can only come from highly evolved creative thinkers.
The Commercial Tax Department has served a notice on Airtel, owned by Bharti Televentures Ltd., seeking payment of Rs. 24.18 crore as tax, interest and penalty for the sale of `light energy' to its customers for providing broadband through optical fibre cables (OFC).

The department has been investigating alleged tax evasion by OFC broadband providers, both in the public and private sectors, for selling light energy to customers.

[. . .]

Mr. Chitaguppi said that OFC operates on light energy, which is artificially created by the OFC providers and sold to customers for the purpose of data transmission and information, on the OFC broadband line. Without such energy, data or information cannot be transmitted.

"Whoever sells light energy is liable to pay VAT as it comes under the category of goods, and hence its sale constitutes taxable turnover attracting VAT at 12.5 per cent," he said.
Immense respect swells in my heart for Mr. Chitaguppi and the others of his ilk. I know we hardly ever recognise and appreciate the value of service that these babus render to us. Its time we did something about it. Maybe we can't feliciatate Mr. Chitaguppi and his colleagues in the service in a public function nor can we build monuments to their creativity. But surely there are ways around such piffling barriers.

Maybe someone on orkut could start a community dedicated to bringing together people who appreciate the immense intelligence of these babus who have provided us with such signal moments of pride and joy. Who would want a dead stone monument when there are living and breathing fans building communities and fandom around you? And wouldn't such a community be far more constructive and worthwhile than any of those "I Hate India" communities?

Any suggestions for an appropriate name for this community? How about "Babus are Gods?"


Indo Tomodachi said...

How about this?

you know it where!

Amit said...

Good sarcasm.