Friday, August 4, 2006

Arizona to Ashtavinayak

Fear not. Much as I would I have liked it to be, this is not a description of any mythical journey of some devout Maharashtrian from Arizona to the eight temples of Ashtavinayak in Maharashtra. Reality is way more prosaic. In the December of last year I was in Arizona, working onsite for my company. The experiences in the US of A were many, varied, and rich. But I was, then and immediately after, too busy (and also a wee bit lazy) to blog about it.

The same is true about the quick trip to Ashtavinayak that I managed to sneak off to during the 26th January weekend of this year along with my parents, brother, sis-in-law, and two of our very old neighbors.

I had been so busy and so lazy (Which I am even now) that I didn't even upload the pictures that I clicked on these trips.

Over the last day or two, I have done the needful: got an account for myself on Flickr and finally uploaded some of the pictures. I am still too lazy to blog about these two trips (and I have lost all my notes), but you can now have a look at the photosets on Flickr.

The photoset of Arizona is available here. If you want to see the slide show, go here.

The photoset of Ashtavinayak is available here. If you want to see the slide show, go here.

I would suggest viewing the photosets first so that you can read the detailed descriptions (I have put them wherever possible) of each photograph before proceeding to the slide show.

Happy viewing.

There was also a 3 day extended weekend trip to Solapur-Tuljapur-Kolhapur-Panhala in March 2006. Once I find the photographs, and have them scanned, they'll be up for your viewing pleasure.

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