Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What's Missing From our Lives

Just came across this on The Hindustan Times:

"Officials" have this to say in defense of the decision to block blogs:
We would like those people to come forward who access these (the 12) radical websites and please explain to us what are they missing from their lives in the absence of these sites.
What am I missing? How about:
  • I am missing reading a number of blogs that have some of the best writing that I have ever come across. Or is it that the government expects us to read only their circulars?
  • I am missing the freedom to go online and read whatever catches my fancy -- and yes even if it is something radical, anti-India if the argument has been logically and excellently made. And no, that doesn't mean that I get influenced by these "radical sites."
  • And since I spend a substantial bit of my day on reading blogs, my life is suddenly bereft and empty (well actually nothing that dramatic, but it is irritating to workaround the ban to access the blogs I want to read).
  • I am missing the feeling of living in a democratic nation. I know the government controls a lot of my life in ways that I probably can't even fathom but this is too intrusive. I hate this big brother approach. I hate to grouped along with nations (Pakistan, China, the Middle-East nations, Ethiopia . . .) that censor the Internet.
That quote just confirms what I said earlier. Whoever thought of this and authorized the ban is so incompetent, clueless, stupid, dim-witted, and idiotic that the mind boggles.

And I hate to have a government of dolts.

The Protests By Bloggers page on the public wiki is now available here.
Any lessons to be learnt from the ban on blogger? Quite a few.

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