Monday, July 24, 2006

The United Baldies of Jharkhand

In Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) balding men are coming together under the Ganja Ekta Union to "teach a lesson to those who mock" them.

The Ganja Ekta Union has some big plans:
  1. open chapters in other districts of Jharkhand.
  2. sue people (who make fun of baldies).
  3. protect the numerous youths who are bald from being humiliated by their elders.
  4. take up the issue with the central and state governments.
  5. write to organisations and companies urging them not to discriminate against bald workers.
  6. hold a national conference of bald people in October.

And yes they want reservations too.
Bald people should be given reservation in jobs on the lines of handicapped and Dalits, as employers avoid appointing bald people in their offices.
-- Kishan Khanna, President, Ganja Ekta Union.
Maybe Kishan Khanna should consider asking the union HRD minister, Arjun Singh to join the Ganja Ekta Union. Considering the state of Arjun Singh's head, I am sure he'll consider the Ganja Ekta Union's request for reservation with sympathy.

The post links to a Mumbai Mirror story. Knowing the Mumbai Mirror and its funny navigation, I am not sure if the link will be functional tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

lol! am sure arjun singh will acknowledge coz he is at his "best" when it comes to reserving seats for stupid people and stupid causes.poor iitz and iimz.