Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Read This Later

I have some 14 documents to read and review, another two to rewrite, go through and analyze an hour long e-learning program, and write two critical emails. But instead I am blogging to avoid doing those things.

I regularly indulge in such behavior. It's, in fact, a habit -- I keep putting off things they I have absolutely got to do and meanwhile do marginally useful things -- like blogging.

Now they tell me there's a thing called structured procrastinating that will make me effective, allow me to accomplish much and make good use of all my time.

Sounds interesting. I will get back to reading all about structured procrastination and how it's going to change my life right after I put up this post.

On other thoughts, I'll get to it after I finish checking my feed reader.

And I hope no one in my office reads my blog.

1 comment:

Geetika said...

Sorry Mandy .... your 'friendly office neighbour' just did :)