Thursday, January 19, 2006


. . . Cheating, serve food, hospitality, tenacity.

Amongst other things, the people of the United Kingdom are known to be extremely unclean, Americans are known for their dislike of walking and anti-Muslim politics, the Chinese are known for imitations and the Germans enjoy their beer.

But of course, we knew that already, didn't we?

Check out the Prejudice Map according to Google.


Vidyut said...

That's an interesting bit of information. I think currently we (Indians) are being more cheated than us cheating others (people who make us work for peanuts). What you say?

Anonymous said...

I am really disturbed by the comment of indian's being unclean, we taught the Queen victoria the importance of bathing if "UK" ites who have this opinion need to learn and research their history.Indians were cheated and looted and hence we as a past colonial cousins were called jewel in the crown..!the prospority of Britian has a share contributed by wealth looted and shipped from india after 1947...!Yes we have a very tolarance for nonscense and we till today do it just the fact it faces have changed ,60yrs back it was british who made us jump,now there are our own politicians .Lastly please do not confuse Indians with people from bangladesh or pakistan...we have same colour but diffrent habits and tempearment.

vivek said...

I Agree 100% with "anonimous"