Thursday, November 10, 2005

A "Sting Operation" on the Delhi Bloggers' Meet

A Main Stream Media journalist (actually from TOI) goes undercover to the Delhi Bloggers' Meet and blows the whistle on the smallness and ineffectualness of the Desi Blogosphere.

Unfortunately, he seems to have missed not only the entire point of the Bloggers' Meet, but seems to have got most of the facts all wrong.

Here's what the undercover journalist wrote: Blogged down?

Saket posts a detailed reply: Mr. Ranjan Yumnam, You Are A Coward Sir

Read both and draw your own conclusions.

Update 1:
I had earlier (in a comment on Saket's blog) wondered if the story was published in the TOI. Turns out that it actually made it to the pages of the Delhi TOI.

Meanwhile, here's more on the story from the other three who were a part of that meet:
I nod in agreement. My name is Neha.


Delhi Times/Delhi Slimes

Update 2:
Desipundit has already picked up the story: Dissing Bloggers.

And I have also posted about this at CSF II.

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Asim Choudhury said...


The issue it appears is indeed serious. Its time all should boycott reading the Times of India. I think its the beginning of the end for the TOI as it seems to be entangled in all sorts of issues with bloggers. It indeed proves that the blogosphere has im-pacted the mainstream media which is now feeling threatened.