Monday, November 28, 2005

Ink Scrawl Nugget 11

Is Your Kid a Potential Novelist?
My youngest daughter Rosie and I are in the bath together; she is six years old but I should presumably keep quiet about this fact or we're both in grave danger of being taken into custody by social workers. We are telling each other jokes, such as 'Who wrote Where's My Sock?' 'Sonia Foot!' Or, 'Who wrote Cutting It Fine?' None other, of course than Moses Lawn. We both find these titles wonderfully amusing. Then she says, 'I don't love you, Dad.'
'Don't you, Rosie? That's very sad.'
'Yes, it's sad. But it is interesting.'
I look at her in dismay, having the uneasy feeling that we have given birth to a novelist.

An anecdote from Murderers and Other Friends - Another Part of Life by John Mortimer.

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