Thursday, September 8, 2005

Kitaab: Celebrating Asian Writing in English

Received a mail today that said my blog had been listed on Kitaab.

The site has been established to "celebrate and critique Asian writing in English."
It is planned as a resource site for Asian writings and eventually hopes to offer information on:
[. . .] Asian authors, books, writing workshops, literary festivals, degree programs, grants, awards, literary organizations, libraries, bookstores, magazines, publishers, agents, legal advice, and other items of interest to literary readers and writers.
An authors list with links is already in place and the site also has a small list of books. The news page is updated fairly regularly.

The site has the potential of becoming a dynamic community for lovers of Asian writing in English -- provided book lovers pitch in and help. The site welcomes contributions to the site. So if you have a column, book review, or any resource, suggestion to offer, do pop over and help.

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Zafar Anjum said...


Thanks for mentioning Kitaab here. The idea is to promote and celebrate Asian writing in English. Your ideas, suggestions, and contributions are invited.