Monday, September 26, 2005

Ink Scrawl Nugget 8

On Those who Read Thrillers:
The day on which Lawlessness reared it ugly head at Blandings Castle was one of singular beauty. The sun shone down from a sky of cornflower blue, and what one would really like would be to describe in leisurely detail the ancient battlements, the smooth green lawns, the rolling parkland, the majestic trees, the well-bred bees and the gentlemanly birds on which it shone.

But those who read thrillers are an impatient race. They chafe at scenic rhapsodies and want to get on to the rough stuff. When, they ask, did the dirty work start? Who were mixed up in it? Was there blood, and if so, how much? And - most particularly - where was everybody and what was everybody doing at whatever time it was? The chronicler who wishes to grip must supply this information at the earliest possible moment.
[. . .]
P.G Wodehouse tees off yet another Blandings story, The Crime Wave at Blandings, in his inimitable style.

From Lord Emsworth and Others, a collection of short stories by P.G. Wodehouse.

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