Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Computing Means Connecting

David Tosh's presentation: Computing Means Connecting (given at the "E-portfolio and pervasive computing" event hosted by the Knowledge Lab in Denmark.) gives us a peek into how integration and networking is occurring within the eportfolio space. Elements like Blogs, wikis, RSS, tagging, etc. - are networking and "speaking" to each other in platforms like Elgg -- " an open source learning landscape platform." It allow a user to create a "personal learning landscape with the goal of connecting learners, instructors and resources creating communities of learning."

Elgg also allows linking and drawing in of resources from other platforms.

Much of e-learning (or learning assisted with some technology) is moving towards social-networks. Platforms like Elgg that allow the integration of many of the new social-networking tools and technologies that allow building communities: FOAF, RSS/Atom, Blogging, etc. Such connection-based networks are finding increasing levels of adoption from users because they are largely informal and allow the users to build communities that aid their "learning" on their terms.

You can download Tosh's presentation here.
Look closely at slides: 17 -20 and 24.

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Source: elearnspace. The images are from Tosh's presentation.

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