Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Oh, No!

The best cricket monthly Wisden Asia Cricket, is closing down. The July 2005 issue is the last one.

That's sad. It is the best cricket magazine in the market, not only for it great articles and features but also for the excellent quality of its printing.

The magazine is closing down because of differences between Spenta Multimedia (publishing the magazine here under a license) and the Wisden group.

But there's some hope for cricket lovers. Sambit Bal, the magazine's editor, has said as much in his editorial:
“The magazine you are holding is the last of its kind. This isn’t the place for details, but your cricket magazine will be back – bigger, better and under a different name. And soon.”
Thank god (if you believe in one), there's Cricinfo.

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amit varma said...

It will be back very soon, worry not. Just a pit stop.